Seattle, Washington

It rained and was grey nearly the entire time, except the day of my talk when this thing called sunshine fought its way forward and the night of afterparty when clear skies prevailed.

Got a good laugh from the false fire alarm pulled at 2:30 in the morning the first night. A guy in the stairwell ran out in his towel, something I’d never do with 20+ colleagues staying in the same hotel – aka, I don’t want to become an emoji and Slackbot joke.

Had the most delicious fried salmon and chips at Anthony’s across the street, thanks to an insider tip.

And in the end, Beka from SkyVerge and I didn’t swap our mini-me. People thought hers looked like her. Mine is debatable, especially since I wouldn’t be caught dead in aviator sunglasses, but it’s interesting to see someone else’s interpretation of me manifested in Lego.

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