New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is a destination for which I’ve always been curious, if not for its Mardi Gras reputation, then certainly for the mysterious chatter around the city by those who have visited.

Two words: Hot and humid. 😛 Man!

But hey, people are nice and have no hesitation to chat you up, and art is all around.

And the houses are colorful. I particularly liked the blue house with the word LOVE out front.

And one had a matching replica birdhouse.

Mardi Gras beads were also incorporated into some decor, such as this gate.

And cats chilling on the porch.

In the Marigny neighborhood, there is grocery store/Mardi Gras supply store that’s open 24 hours. Because, you know, feather boa emergency! 😀

The first night, I made a fun/fatal error and got a strawberry slushee behind the counter to keep me cool and hydrated on the walk home. By the time I’d had a few sweet sips, I realized it was very alcoholic.

What is now known as the Daiquiri Incident, I felt debilitated and had to lay down. Also had to look up the spelling of daiquiri. 😛 Damien rolled with laughter and said I’d started off my visit to NOLA proper.

Next night I had recovered and readied to stay out late in the French Quarter, walking the streets, feeling the music, listening to D tell stories of why he loves/hates New Orleans and what things used to be like.

Signs had a sense of humor, such as “We’ve got the best legs” to advertise crab. And here are two others.

What I didn’t like so much were giant roaches on city streets and dead croc heads found in dark display windows, as part of decorations and in bars. Imagine you’re drunk and look into the mouth of a crocodile – yeesh!

It was an awesome and chill night-out with good company. Beignets will need to wait until next time, perhaps when humidity and temps are lower.

Memphis to New Orleans: 395 miles
Stay: Shotgun House via airbnb, $140/night
Memorable Meal: Pan fried catfish, cole slaw and cornbread
Song of the Day: Born on the Bayou by Credence Clearwater Revival

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