Chicago, Illinois

What I remember about these days were snow and bone-cold wind. Every day.

Determined to explore architecture and go to tourist sites, which I avoided last time, I booked myself on a morning river tour that offered a guided history of Chicago’s buildings. Totally worth it. In fact I’d easily go again. It was just that good.

Arriving at the Navy Pier, skies were graphite and ominous. I recall it rained for a bit, though I was too cold and focused on the buildings to care. Shopped for postcards and walked the entire length of the pier, and then the sun came out.

Also walked for hours in the downtown area, bought a ticket to the top of the Hancock Building to Tilt! — you pay $10 to have someone lower you against glass and face down — and take a bunch of photos of the skyline and harbor.

Rainbow Cone was closed, so I headed back via rail, fell back in love with Chicago stuffed and walked around Pilsen to pick up tamales, horchata and churros.

Cannot wait to come back again.

Detroit to Chicago: 282 miles
Stay: Airbnb with dedicated parking space in Pilsen $144/night
Memorable Meal: Lou Malnati’s Chicago Classic
Song of the Day: Will You Still Love Me? by Chicago