Springfield, Illinois

Arriving an hour too late to visit the Lincoln House and visitor center, I did at least get to see all the historic buildings from the outside in a serene neighborhood with leafy trees, happy birds and no people.

Everything is well maintained and preserved.

The Old Capitol building has a huge security gate built around it, so it’s impossible to get close. Downtown was deserted, and nothing was open for dinner yet so I decided to move on.

I put the Cozy Dog Drive-In on my list because it’s been in business since 1949 and the sign is adorable. Took me awhile to get this photo because the lights fade in and out, and my camera isn’t set up for night shooting.

What’s a cozy dog? Essentially it’s a corn dog. For me it’s nostalgia, a fun food I associate with summer and county fairs in California.

Pontiac to Springfield: 108 miles
Stay: Passing through
Memorable Meal: Cozy Dog
Song of the Day: You’re the Inspiration by Chicago