Amarillo, Texas

State two of three with eclectic landmarks I picked is Texas with spotlight on Amarillo.

The Cadillac Ranch are old cars stuck in the ground, and the tradition is to bring paint to make your mark. That’s how they stay colorful and ever changing through the years. Best to go in the morning or your photos will be peppered with slow-moving people.

The Midpoint Cafe, already closed at 15:00 and is mainly a souvenir store now. The Big Texan offers a 72-oz steak, challenging you to eat the entire thing and comping it as a reward for clogging your arteries. Lots of boot barns, fireworks and rodeos.

Also saw a huge metal cross and traveled through a dead zone where there’s zero reception and then Spanish only channels.

Arcadia to Amarillo: 273 miles
Stay: Passing through
Memorable Meal: No food on this leg
Song of the Day: Sister Christian by Night Ranger